Fireworks Permit



SPOONER,  WI     54801


April 20, 2018

All Concerned:

Please complete the fireworks permit down to the “permit issued this date” line and mail to the address above for my signature.  I must receive your completed form no later than Wednesday June 27, 2018.  No permits will be issued after that date.

By motion of the Town of Casey Board 2018 fireworks permits allow detonation from Saturday June 30th  through Saturday July 7th, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and midnight only.   Firework detonation outside of these dates and times will not be tolerated with complaints answered by the Washburn County Sheriff’s Department.

After I have endorsed and dated the permit a copy will be returned to you and a signed copy will be sent to the Washburn County Sheriff’s Department.  You must have a signed copy of the fireworks permit prior to purchasing, transporting, and igniting fireworks at the site designated on your fireworks permit.

Remember to check on burning conditions within forty-eight  (48) hours prior to the date/time you intend to ignite your fireworks and if conditions are not “low” or “moderate” the permit is void and no fireworks are to be ignited.  The Wisconsin DNR phone number and website are listed on your permit.

Thomas Mackie, Chairperson for the Town of Casey          Phone:  715-635-3656



Request for Bids

Town of Casey Request for Bids

Reconstruction of Island Lake Road

The Town of Casey, County of Washburn, is taking bids for the reconstruction of Island Lake Road commencing at County Highway E north approximately 2350 feet to the south edge of the swamp.  Then from the north edge of the swamp approximately 2300 feet to the edge where the new black top starts.

Bids will conform to Sec. 66.0901 of Wisconsin Statutes.

Specifications are available on the Town of Casey web site…

Sealed bids are due by 6:00 p.m. on 05-09-2018 and will be opened at the regular Town Board meeting on 05-09-2018.  Two (2) references are required.

The bid award will take place at a special Town Board meeting at 6:00 p.m. on 05-16-2018.

Please contact Town Board members if you have any questions.  Contact information can be found on the township web site.